Top 10 Friday – Things I love on colourDNA

UPDATE: (Dec 2013) the colour dna website has been offline for months now with no word as to why or whether they will ever be back up. I’m a bit saddened by this having spent a fair amount of time building up the site and I can only assume that the lack of communication from anyone involved is due to legal issues.


colourDNA is a new website and app that I’ve been enjoying lately…

colourDNA makes it easy to discover new things to enjoy in life through social discovery. Whether it’s a book, movie, restaurant or bar, our matching algorithm recommends new things you’ll love based on your interests… and your favourite colour!

This video explains it much better than I can…

Here’s my favourite 10 so far!

1. Oak Trees

2. Diplodocus

3. Thunderbird 2

4. Knights of the round table

5. Noah’s Ark

6. Baby DJ (App)

7. Edinburgh

8. Leatherman Wave

9. John Williams

10.  Stormtroopers

If you join, follow ‘noahsapprentice’!


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