Team Review Facilitation

All the articles and blog posts I’ve read on setting yourself up as a creativity coach say that you just have to go for it… find someone, anyone, who is willing to pay you and that’s your starting point. It was an absolute honour to be asked to facilitate a team review at Northumbria Water as my first corporate coaching gig and this post is a collection of thoughts by way of a reflection on its success.

– It helps calm the nerves when you have such a great bunch of willing participants

– Good prep really does make a workshop run smoothly

– Experience timelines are a great way to review your learning

– Knowledge management is something i’d like to explore further

– It’s difficult to quantify tacit knowledge, having a framework was a good plan

– Story is the key (to pretty much everything)

– Sticky dots seem to be universally appreciated regardless of personality type

– I need to practice my spelling before writing on a flipchart

– I need to contact all the other managers I know to tell them how well this went

– Supplying sweets at a corporate gig is acceptable and even welcomed

– Creating a relaxed atmosphere is essential to maximise participation

I’m pretty excited about how galvanise your creativity is developing – if you know anyone who might be interested in having me run a session / workshop / review do put them in touch or send them to the corporate coaching page on the website.