A little bit emotional 

I’ve always been a fan of films. Science fiction, comic book and action are my favourite, films with soul (as my wife calls them) take more concentration but are equally rewarding in their own way. I also really enjoy animated kids movies and this morning I took our nearly 3 year old to see ‘Home’, a dreamworks film about aliens and a little girl who’s mother has been taken with all the other humans and placed in ‘humanstown’ in Australia.

‘Home’ has a simple plot but is beautifully put together and includes great themes to explore including; friendship, family, what is useful on our planet and self sacrifice. The thing is, I CRIED. Yep, at 11am on a Saturday morning in a U rated movie, I cried when a small girl was reunited with her mother.

It’s not the first time either and I missed a good 10 minutes of alien action as I pondered what it is that makes me so emotionally vulnerable. I thought about other films that make me weep like a baby; the opening sequence of ‘Up’, the closing few minutes of ‘Armageddon’, ‘The pursuit of happyness’, ‘Forrest Gump’ and E.T. to name a few.

And it’s not just movies. I was lucky not to get caught with tears streaming down my face not once but twice this week at work. Firstly, a member of staff played this short film, it’s the story of a dad who does triathlons with his disabled son. I first saw their story over 10 years ago and I’ve never had a dry eye watching it.

The second was a post on Facebook about women with breast cancer who have babies during their treatment. Incredible photos of mums with more will power than I can imagine…

As I continue to reflect on all the media that seems to affect me this way, it appears that family being together and in particular self sacrifice are the themes that make me reach for the man size tissues. Perhaps there’s something in the deeper magic that I’m tapping into…

What themes pull at your heart strings?


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