2016 Manifesto

I enjoy blogging. So I do sometimes wonder why there has been such a long break since I last posted a series on something. The answer probably includes; children, work, tiredness, lack of motivation, settling into a new job…

Some of you may remember that I put together a personal manifesto in 2015 and although it didn’t all come to fruition, it was a point of encouragement and focus in some aspects of my life. In 2016 it will probably work out the same but I thought I’d put one together anyway.


The main difference from last year is that I’ve come up with a list of #7things that I want to try and achieve each week. Writing a blog post is on the list but I’m hoping that shouldn’t be too hard because I’ll have baking, photoshop, TED talks and giving things away to discuss.

There’s also the 101 project on pinterest that I’ve neglected for ages, I’ll be sharing a few posts on that too.

For those of you who will rightly point out there has already been 2 weeks in 2016… I’ve baked oat biscuits, watched this TED video¬†by Dan Pink on motivation, given away 2 books and watched a photoshop tutorial that didn’t really help with producing the above manifesto.

I would be most interested to hear what any of you have decided to focus on in 2016, perhaps you want to join me on the #7things journey?



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