I love to bake.

So it didn’t seem too much of a stretch to have ‘Bake Something’ as one of the #7things I challenged myself to do each week during 2016. We tend to have pancakes most weekends and we try not to buy too much bread as we have a bread machine at home. But I’m not really aiming to improve my pancake making or machine filling skills – I wanted to try new recipes and increase my baking knowledge.

I thought it might be fun to share the results of my baking endeavours online, if nothing else it gives me a chance to polish up on my instagram filters.

This was potentially the biggest social media error I have ever made… #bakegate began.

It all started with a couple of innocent comments from work colleagues about when I was going to take something in for them to try. I took a few slices of cottage loaf to those who had commented and then all hell broke loose… “where’s mine”, “I thought you worked in year 5”, “oh I see, Sally (name changed to protect the innocent) got some”, “I just want to remind you we’re doing training together on Thursday…” Well, today is Thursday and a number of staff enjoyed Devon Scones while we learnt how to do effective reading interventions.

I have promised everyone else that rolls will be available, on a first come, first served basis, at tomorrow morning’s staff briefing (the dough is rising as I write).

Perhaps now would be a good moment to mention that I LOVE the banter at work, #bakegate has further ignited my passion for baking and it’s got me thinking… not everyone has a captive audience on whom to test their wares. So thank you to the member of staff who I threatened to unfriend earlier today, all is forgiven.

Here’s to baking…


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