Last Sunday – Never a Stranger

‘Never a Stranger’ was the Last Sunday service I curated for Foundation in April. The theme was based around the story of Jesus meeting the disciples on the road to Emmaus. There was a cool central focal point of a large signpost that was used as a context for the opening drama, the basis of one of the prayer stations and it also pointed to … Continue reading Last Sunday – Never a Stranger

Last Sunday – Homeward Bound

In March I curated a service for Foundation called ‘Homeward Bound’ We went on a journey around the Church to 4 different immersive environments that focused on various verses from Psalm 23. The service opened with a Dramatic Monologue from a homeless person at a bus stop. I personally liked this service as I think the collect and confession and everything held the theme really well. You can … Continue reading Last Sunday – Homeward Bound

Last Sunday – Decelerate

I’m just catching up on writing posts about the services I curare for Foundation. In February we did a service in preparation for Lent. Adapted from ‘Decelerate’ curated by The Church on the Corner for Greenbelt, this service looked at the theme of slowing down for Lent. The service opened with a video of a Samsung Phone advert which I edited to be a little less … Continue reading Last Sunday – Decelerate