FOXROB100 is a monthly subscription service that financially supports James to develop ‘Curated Bristol’, an online/offline community for creative practitioners exploring Christian spirituality in Bristol.

My 3 Focus Areas:

  1. Pastoral support and spiritual nurture of creative practitioners.
  2. Curate space for people to creatively explore God’s story. 
  3. Encourage and support creativity in churches.


What’s all this about rewards? 

The FOXROB100 concept is inspired by crowdfunding – a system of raising funds by offering various rewards in return. Members of the FOXROB100 will have the opportunity to receive custom designed artwork as a thanks for their generous support.


I have questions… 

no problem! I would love to chat with you and please do send your queries via the contact page.


So how do I sign up to give monthly and receive custom designed artwork in return? 

You can do that right here… if you would like to give any other monthly amount then please contact me and I can set it up for you.


£10 pcm   Subscribe £10pcm

£25 pcm   Subscribe £10pcm

£50 pcm   Subscribe £10pcm